Just Before The Freedom

Just Before the Freedom


Release date : December 30, 2018
7 tracks | 21 min

My first compositions, my first productions. Here are the first songs from my Fantasy Orchestral Project. This album brings together 7 orchestral music tracks, sometimes choral sometimes emotional, sometimes epic. Some titles, such as Awakening Of The BraveJust Before The FreedomThe Two Rivers’ Battle and Rebirth have been composed for student fantasy short films

As i like to pitch: "For too long time have slumbered your dreams. Now I know you are ready to live your adventure. Full of enthusiasm, exaltation despite the tragic that stay in you, you will go straight ahead. You will break your chains, you will drain the old evil rivers full of poison and hatred and you will roar across the mountains your freedom."

For writing, reading, creating art.
For role playing games, like dungeons and dragons, pathfinder, warhammer or others... for every adventure rpg.

Or just for listening pleasure.
Make your life an adventure!

01 - Opening to Pride 1'37
02 - Awakening of the Brave 1'51
03 - Beyond the Mountains 3'27
04 - Just Before the Freedom 4'31
05 - The Two Rivers' Battle 2'49
06 - Rebirth 3'56
07 - Waltz of Memories 3'44


All Music composed and produced by Pierre-Alexandre Monin
Artwork: detail of William Turner's painting | The Fishermen at sea

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